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The Stone The Builders Rejected

 The stone that the builders rejected          has become the chief cornerstone. —Psalm 118.22

The king enters the city on his war horse while across town love rides a donkey.

Guns and towers, vast machines, engines. Generals boast of victory over the child, the hard edge over soft flesh.

The powerful strut and shamble, loudspeakers announce their lies. If there were money in darkness they'd dismiss the sun.

God slips in through the locked gate, the high wall. In their high offices the light is invisible to them.

The judge, the warden, the guards believe you're nothing. You'll never convince them otherwise. But the stars know. The air knows.

Your peasant heart rides a donkey, small and tender. Honor the Royal Majesty of the heart that belongs to love.

Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes, Unfolding Light

Ride On To Die

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