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Prepare the way

    Prepare the way for Love,           make straight a path for the Holy One. —Luke 3.4

Enough of your junk drawer clutter bucket of old used punctuation heartthrob amusement ride of distraction. Prayer is a snow shovel. You plow it all aside. All of it. Clear a space. Admit it: your heart is a hoarder. Clean out your piety's basement. You don't build the way, don't accrue it. You empty it. Rough made smooth, crooked made straight, busy made empty. Empty it all. Silence the noise, the chorus, the committee, the crowd. The empty place is not long, stretching away. It's just right there, around you, a circle of light, empty air, silence—not what you hear, but how you listen, what you practice.


Now there's a way.

Wait. For the Coming One, who speaks silence, who blesses the emptiness, the Presence who is the negative space itself

where you've made room for a little friendliness.

Breathe - Michael W. Smith


        Daily Chapel

Temple United Methodist Church
Emerge SF



65 Beverly St.

San Francisco, CA 94132