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O The Deep, Deep Love

 Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness,          so must the New Human be lifted up,          that whoever trusts may have eternal life. —John 3.14-15

You have to look your evil in the face to be healed.

The snakes that plagued the Hebrews in the desert were their betrayal come back to bite them, their being Eden's serpent. The cure was to gaze at their sin.

So we gaze upon the Crucified One, our victim, and look our awfulness in the eye and only there grasp forgiveness, and only then become truly alive.

On the cross is lifted up our racism, our violence, our materialism, our deep seated me-first-ism. Posted there is our last text to God, “I'll let you know when I need you.” We look at it, look at it hard, to get free of the lie that we're just fine, the lie that keeps us from knowing how deeply we are forgiven, how vastly we are blessed, how infinitely we are loved.

~Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes

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