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How is it going?

How is it with your temple this day? If we are ever going to live in perfect harmony- achieve the peace and unity that is God's dream for us - we must learn to treat ourselves and each other as true homes for the living, loving God. Yes, even those with whom we disagree. Be blessed today. And be a blessing to others by listening, by bringing good energy and love into the conversation.

Blessing the Body

This blessing takes one look at you and all it can say is holy.

Holy hands. Holy face. Holy feet.

Holy everything in between.

Holy even in pain. Holy even when weary. In brokenness, holy.

In shame, holy still.

Holy in delight. Holy in distress. Holy when being born. Holy when we lay it down at the hour of our death.

So, friend, open your eyes (holy eyes).

For one moment see what this blessing sees, this blessing that knows how you have been formed and knit together in wonder and in love.

Welcome this blessing that folds its hands in prayer when it meets you;

receive this blessing that wants to kneel in reverence before you:

you who are temple, sanctuary, home for God in this world.

—Jan Richardson

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