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Dr. Bill's musings #7

Our nation’s founding document proclaims, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal…” Really? Look at me and then look at Brad Pitt. Equal? Hardly!

The issue of equality has been on my mind a lot during this current Covid 19 crisis. I have had to consider what would happen if I, a healthy 79 year old, got sick with the disease, and ended up at the ICU at the same time as a 45 year old father of three, and both of us needed the one remaining ventilator. The medical staff would have to make the gut-wrenching decision of which of us should receive the ventilator. This is what triage is all about. They would rightly choose the other guy rather than me, and I would hope the memory of that choice would not haunt the doctor faced with that decision.

That is why I am so angry at the yelling, MAGA-hatted , demonstrators in Michigan and Ohio who are demanding their states’ Governors remove the shelter-in-place orders before the experts declare it is safe to do so. Premature return to “business as usual” will likely result in exacerbation of disease incidence, putting me and them in danger. But even that risk is not equal.

Remember in prayer those not yet sick, as well as those already touched by this pandemic disease. Pray also for the scientists working on a cure and on a vaccine in order that we may move to the new normal.

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