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Available Abundance

We might ask, "How can I be more holy?" We don't have to make ourselves holy. We already are, and we just don't know it yet. In Christian terminology, this inherent holiness is called the Divine Indwelling or the gift of the Holy Spirit. The awakening of the True Self in God is the essential, foundational, and primary task of all religion. Thus, authentic religion is more about subtraction than addition, more about letting go of the false self than any attempt at engineering our own True Self. We can't create what we already have.

We become the One upon which we gaze. We are, eventually, just like the God we worship. This reciprocal gaze is the True Self, perfectly given to us and always waiting to be perfectly received. It is so dear and so precious that it needs no external payoffs whatsoever. The True Self is abundantly content as it is.

~Adapted from Contemplation in Action, Yes, And ...Daily Meditations by Richard Rohr

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