Temple United Methodist Church
Emerge SF



65 Beverly St.

San Francisco, CA 94132


Sunday's Services, March 22 and March 29, 2020

Lent 5.                                                                                           Lent 6, Palm Sunday


Finding Your Mystic:

Listening Behind the Voices


Finding Your Purpose:

Listening to Your Heart 


Here are a few suggested activities to help you move forward in connecting your body to your faith.

Spend some time journaling about offering your body as a spiritual sacrifice. What would it mean for you to pour yourself out as an anointing for the world?  What would that look like in your life as it is now - how would it affect how you live, work, relate to others?

Take a walk being mindful of all your body is able to do. Thank God for movement and ability. If you lack ability in some areas ask God how you can be useful and helpful according to your abilities. We all have things that hold us back. Talk to God about your body and how your body can be a living sacrifice to help create a better world.

Get a prayer partner. Is there someone you could be praying with/for? Commit to praying for each other's spiritual growth and service to God.

Plan some mini-breaks into your day to look around and be grateful. Stretch and breathe deep.

DIsciple II Bible Study


Thurs. 10 AM

This is an ongoing Bible study open to all and always to newcomers. The study takes us on a journey through the bible familiarizing us with scripture and the wonder it beholds. Meets in the pastor's office.

Wesley Small Group


Sundays 9:45 AM

Dr. Bill Crain leads the group through a variety of books, chosen by the class. This is a discussion class that looks deeply at the spirituality and theology behind various books. Open to all at any time. Meets in the Pastor's office.

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